Author Interview – Antar Atreya

We in collaboration with @kitabikeedaofficial interviewed the Author of ‘Chronicles of Mortal Vishnu’. Here’s his thoughts about Writer’s block, publishers and many more.

1. How did you come up with the huge mythological plot?

It was an amalgamation of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to write something related to Hindu mythology as I had read about ancient Hindu texts and the Bhagawat Gita and wanted to explore a story with wisdoms from our mythology. Secondly, I wanted to create an entire fantasy Universe and also wanted to write about hardcore ancient fights and wars with a profound story. I was actually inspired to create a story grand and magnum by watching historical TV shows and movies. So, all of these desires put together with a thrilling story became Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu. 

2. Your book got the title, ‘Most Anticipated Book of the Year’, how do you feel about that?

I would be honest. It feels exciting instantly with such mentions and media features but after a few days it I feel it exclusively as a source of encouragement which would keep me going. 

3. Your book clearly is loved by everyone, but what are the major problems that you face at the time of publishing?

Finding the right publisher for a debut book was the prime challenge. Had to weigh in many analysis before reaching at the conclusion because I wanted to get a good first print run and auxiliary supports from the publisher. But I am glad I found a right one.

4. Writer’s block is the most common thing. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Personally in my two years long process of writing this book I did not face much difficulty to keep the story going. However, yes there were some off days when I could not progress but it was not exactly a writer’s block. And I used to re-read whatever I had written or used to plan out further scenes of the book, on the days when I could not write.

5. For aspiring writers, could you tell us which is the best way to promote a book?

I am certain if you are not investing heavy into AMS and retail display the best way is via Instagram. Instagram connects you well with book bloggers, book clubs, fiction pages, general micro bloggers and other such pages. I used to collaborate with a lot of such entities on Instagram and reached out to a huge pool of readers. Also maintain a decent traffic blog before publishing a book also is really helpful. Plus, I would say digital posters, trailers etc are also necessary to be visible

6. Please share anything from your end!

This is actually for any aspiring author; if you want to know a few things about writing and publishing in India you can read my articles on or also read a free attached article along with my book. 

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