The Reverse Journey by Vivek Kumar Singh | A Book Review

The Reverse Journey is about a young man faced with a decision – to stay in America where he has been for five years or to move back to India where his heart belongs. The book is a debut novel of Vivek Kumar Singh. The book is in first – person perspective and has everything from the narrator’s childhood to him living in America.
he journey of a young man who is tossed between his head and heart can definitely touch your soul but the way it…

Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephan Hawking | A Book Review

“The Universe is the Ultimate Free Lunch.”
‘Brief Answers to Big Questions’ the last book of Stephan Hawking, went into controversy as it gives the answer to the unanswerable questions like ‘Is there a God?’, ‘What came before the Big Bang?’, ‘How do we shape the future?’ and many more significant questions of this century for which we need an answer.
Starting with the…