Chronicles of Mortal Vishnu by Antar Atreya | A Book Review

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Product Details 

  • Pages: 383
  • Genre: Mythology
  • Publishers: Invincible Publishers
  • ISBN – 13:  978-9388333443

My Rating : 4/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.3/5

Cover: 5/5


‘To fight the evil, the truth must rise.’

Based on this common theme, ‘Chronicles of Mortal Vishnu’ by Antar Atreya, left a mesmerizing mark on the mythological genre. The story is a twisted tale of mortal Vishnu who along with his army fought the evil that has risen in the world in 3300 BC that is said to be the Kalayug of this universe.

The title of the book is catchy and well-suited and the cover is fantastically gripping and stunning. The book is beautiful and I’m not even talking metaphorically; the title of every chapter is written under the Mandala art, which is attractive.

The plot is dramatic and integral setting is there. The palace in particular, is intriguing. The book has maps which makes it easy to understand this new world. However, the language and writing style of the author is complex. It is like water, flowing along the way with no breaks, but that is what makes the book fascinating. The Story is gripping and twisted and even being a little cliché, it can easily make you fall in love with it.

The characters are perfectly developed along the story line. Narration is okay. Every scene is portrayed exquisitely and with perfection. The tone is formal, which contributes equally in making the book enthralling. Also, the cliffhanger is remarkable.

The only disappointing thing in the book is typographical errors, which gets irritating after some time and also, there aren’t proper breaks between the different events in single chapter. With little finesse in sentence – level editing and format, this book is a 5/5.

Not only to fight the evil but the essence of love, hardships, loss, divine powers and righteousness has been put up beautifully which makes it a must read. In conclusion, the book can make you fall in love with mythology. The book, despite being a debut novel, isn’t for beginners (due to language). If you love reading great language and Hindu mythology is your favourite genre, this book is for you.

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