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Children come in our lives, turn our world upside down, and hopefully they change us. They amaze us and surprise us. Remind us of us. We love them and we all want to nourish them. Protect them. Help them find who they are. Find their place in this world. And that’s a daunting thought. In this world where there is both beauty and conflict. Order and chaos. How many of us stop and appreciate beauty. How many of us have learnt to see beauty. And conflict. We as adults are still learning how to deal with conflict. It is everywhere. Not just in the world but in our own country. In our workplace. And a lot of times within ourselves. We know this, we struggle with it, we acknowledge it exists and yet we all want to have a better future. We don’t want our kids to fall in this trap. Sometimes we shelter our kids, and we should at this age. We want them to be protected. We want them to successful, good in math, grow tall and choose a profession that makes a good living. The list goes on and on.

The child’s greatest work is to create himself. The adult he is going to be tomorrow. Therefore we as adults must not come in his way. For he is our future. For this he needs a life-giving environment providing protection and sustainment of the vital urge to grow through activity called work. For he must learn to work. Their is a spiritual connection between man and work. And not teaching him to work or coming in his way to work, is robbing his soul. We have to learn to observe children’s natural ways of acting and protect them from the deviations that come through interruption of those natural ways. We must allow the child to experience the world with his senses and provide him the opportunity to show us who he is. Therefore the goal of education should be to prepare a child for life itself. We guide the child to reveal his spiritual being and his hidden nature.

Are we teaching them to understand happiness? Appreciate beauty. Resolve conflict. To understand this, one has to understand themselves. Even in kids we sometimes see meanness and insecurities and bullying tendencies. Science shows us that the physical, mental and nervous diseases that act adults can be traced to childhood. Yet we miss the first symptoms. So year after year these things go on and on. But we still want them to be successful. We still want them to be there best.

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
So what should we do. Well first, instead of focussing on the problem and finding a solution, lets find the cause. And then lets see if we can prevent the cause. Luckily for us, there has been a person, a women who has carved the way for this crucial time of early childhood. She said the period from birth to 6 is more important than the university years for it is this time the child is building his intelligence.

She discovered this a hundred years ago. And science has corroborated this.
Her name is Dr Maria Montessori. She once said “The real preparation for education is the study of self.”

More on the Montessori philosophy coming soon.

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