Pink Gender by Anandajit Goswami | A Book Review

Product Details 

  • Pages: 60
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Publishers: Bigfoot Publications
  • ISBN – 13: 978-8194202103

My Rating : 2.8/5

Cover: 3/5


‘Pink Gender’ is a short-story of a man, woman and a transgender. Little did they know, all their lives got interconnected due to an unfortunate incident. They end up meeting in a counseling room of a police station. Loads of mysterious got unfold and they get to know the common thread of their life. Will they be able to solve it or get entangled in the case more?

The story focuses on putting forward the perspective of every gender, the problems they face related to gender inequality and physical abuse. The title seems intriguing but the story fails it. Cover is okay. Pace is uneven and there’s typographical error too. The book can be better in many ways; narration can be improved. But the concept that the author has used is extraordinary and must be appreciated.

Some intense moments in the book are described beautifully. Some lines were repeating though at various parts and the story was little predictable. Overall, the book is a small, light and quick read; less than 70 pages. I recommend this book to all who want to read a short story on gender related issues and want to read about different gender’s perspective.

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