Selfie of Success by Burra Venkatesham | A Book Review

Basic Details 

  • Genre: Business Self-Help
  • Pages: 170
  • Publishers: Pratap Chowdary – Street Lib
  • ISBN – 13: 978-8832587005

My Rating : 4.9/5

Cover: 4/5


Have you ever thought of our feelings and emotions as a separate entity? It is strange thinking that, right? But after reading ‘Selfie of Success’ I don’t think so. It is a book from the perspective of success. It includes every element of success; its sources, sins, side effects, shocks, stages and everything that is needed to understand success.

Right from the cover and title, the book is classy. The language of the book is easy to understand. The writing style of the author is simple and impressive. He has portrayed the POV of success in a beautiful manner. The book has stories of various successful and unsuccessful yet famous personalities, what they have done right and wrong in the path to achieve success, what they have learned and how can you achieve it too. Personalities ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling to Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa to Adolf Hitler shows us that success has its own language.

The book gets a little more philosophical in the middle, but it helps you understand where you stand right now. Even though the book has a lot to understand and learn, it is a quick read. But I would not suggest you to read it in one go. Read one part/ element and learn through it, try to adapt it if possible and then jump on to next. This way you will easily grasp the lessons and grow through it. I recommend this book to every one of you; read it at least once.

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