Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health by Arjun Gupta | A Book Review

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  • Pages: 206
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Publishers: Notion Press
  • ISBN – 13: 978-1645469711

My Rating : 4.3/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.5/5

Cover: 5/5


We are still living in a world where an important issue like Mental health is still a taboo. We often hear people saying about those who are mentally ill, ‘Stay away from them, they are crazy’; ‘ ‘Who let these people out’; ‘Oh! She is mentally ill, someone should talk to her.. well, I can’t I don’t know how she will react’

Challenging these fallacies, Arjun Gupta in ‘Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health’ put forward the meaning and depth of mental illness and mental health; the stigma around it; researches that have been done in the past; where do we stand right now and what are the right major steps to be taken to cure and prevent illness and to spread awareness about Mental health. The book is filled with shocking yet concerning facts about weird treatments of mentally ill, suicides, orthodox and uncanny beliefs/ideologies of people about mental health.

It also describes in detail about many other things like the initiatives taken by government regrading Mental health; work done of various NGO for this; history of psychology; different ideologies for mental health and illness around the globe; people who brought the change and revolution in the field of psychology and many more.

The book is informative and a great initiative by the author to build a healthy community. It will make you realize how basic and important this topic is and still how ignorant we and our government is. It gives you insights about the present condition of India as well as of the world.
Information provided by the author proves that the book is well-researched.

The title is catchy and sarcastic. The cover is fabulous; the idea of three monkeys is brilliant. The book is divided into many sections, each of them acts as a building block in creating a right mindset to break the taboo for Mental Health. Title given to every section and chapter are appropriate as well. The language is easy and lucid. Every technical term has an easy explanation. All the facts, research and actions of protagonists and antagonists of Mental Health movement across the globe is outlined in way that makes it easy to understand.

In almost every section, author has explained in a way why he has written this book, which I feel should be in the acknowledgment because it gets little annoying to read the reason to write the book when you are in the middle of it. Also, I feel, a little finesse in structure formatting will make this book 5/5.

All in all, the book is insightful and unique. It’s time we break the taboo and get together to prevent and cure the mental illness and spread a wave of positivity for mental health. For this, everyone should read this book. In particular, who loves psychology like me and wants to bring even a little change in society then it’s a must-read for you.

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