That Thing About You by Abhaidev | A Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5 . Do you believe everything is destined? Do you think we are mere puppets in this world?

Revoloving around the answers of these questions, ‘That Thing About You’ delivers a unique story of a

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The Spirit to Serve – Marriott’s Way | A Book Review

Rating: 4.9/5
‘The Spirit to Serve – Marriott’s Way’ is a book by the owner of Marriott Industries and is about the foundation on which the Empire exists

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The Reverse Journey by Vivek Kumar Singh | A Book Review

The Reverse Journey is about a young man faced with a decision – to stay in America where he has been for five years or to move back to India where his heart belongs. The book is a debut novel of Vivek Kumar Singh. The book is in first – person perspective and has everything from the narrator’s childhood to him living in America.
he journey of a young man who is tossed between his head and heart can definitely touch your soul but the way it…

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