The Chimera by Dr. Nitish Sharma | A Book Review

Rating: 4/5.. ‘The Chimera’ is a unique book focuses on the topics that anybody rarely notices but is shaping our future. It is a combination of fiction

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5 Questions Of The Inquisitive Apes by Subhrashis Adhikari | A Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5..
‘5 Questions of the Inquisitive Apes’ is a non-fiction book consists of answers of almost every question out there related to evolution, how do we make sense around this universe, who we are, how to be happy and is sex..

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The Art Of Letting Go by Sanhita Baruah | A Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5 ..Hope is what it takes to be alive,
Closure is what it takes to move on,
And love is what it takes to..

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