The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1 by Vishwas Mudagal

Product Details 

  • Pages: 310
  • Genre: Mythology, Science – Fiction, Fantasy
  • Publishers: HarperCollins India
  • ISBN – 13: 978-9353024666

My Rating : 4.8/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.29/5

Cover: 4/5


‘The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1’ is the first book in the trilogy and perfectly sets the base for the upcoming sequel. Loaded with science – fiction and weaved with a mixture of mythology, the book takes you to a not-so-distant future where the world is in crisis due to overpowered China and a terrorist group named as ‘An Invisible Hand’. 

‘To fight the evil, the truth must rise’; following this common theme of mythology, a hero named Kalki who could also be the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu, and his secret team, ‘The Rudras’ joined hands together with Homo – Supernus to save the world. The story left on an intense cliffhanger and seriously, I couldn’t wait to read the sequel. 

The title of the book is catchy and mysterious. The cover seems interesting. Narration is proper with the third person POV; the author narrated the story in a very simple and sophisticated manner. The story keeps shifting from past to present, detailing the important periods of Kalki and other characters’ life as needed.

The theme of the book includes love, hate, friendship, bond, relationship, family, friends, trust, betrayal, belief, loss, victory, history, science and many other aspects which a reader craves for. The characters are developed properly as the story demands. Scenes are portrayed well. The writing style is smooth, easy and engaging.

The pace of the book is slow at the beginning but then it becomes gripping. Even though it has around 310 pages, I finished the book in less than 6 hours; it’s just unputdownable. The book surprised me in a good way. Also, it seems the author has done a great deal of research in creating the elements of the book.

Overall, it is a great page-turner that will ignite your imagination. If you are among those who love science-fiction, fantasy, and mythology, then it’s a must-read.

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  1. abbaspithawala says:

    Finding your reviews very very help, i always go through them before picking up a book.

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work! I am glad you like it! Stay tuned.. more helpful things are on their way! 🙂

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