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  • Pages: 122
  • Genre: Fiction / New-Age
  • Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.  (Edition : 2011)
  • ISBN – 13:  978-9381115350

My Rating: 2.80/5

Goodreads Rating: 3.50/5


‘The Reverse Journey’ is about a young man faced with a decision – to stay in America where he has been for five years or to move back to India where his heart belongs. The book is a debut novel of Vivek Kumar Singh. The book is in first – person perspective and has everything from the narrator’s childhood to him living in America.

The journey of a young man who is tossed between his head and heart can definitely touch your soul but the way it has been written makes it harder to get carried along. It has awkward plot-points and clunky transitions; sometimes it becomes autobiographical when the author narrates his own experience and becomes fiction when he brings up the love story. Though, the author succeeded in clearly stating the message throughout the book. Moreover, the minute details about the feelings and adjustments when moving to a new country and living culture comparison was penned down amazingly. I would truly love to see the book in an even better narration later on.

Most of the book is filled with his thoughts on various differences between both the countries. The author also describes his friends and surroundings but he focuses more on analyzing and commenting on social aspects of the situation and barely goes beyond it. The language is simple and easy to follow, but there are editing errors in the book which were impossible to ignore after some point of time.

The book is somewhere thought-provoking, deep-delving into the psyche of Indins who live abroad or who have moved abroad after living for a substantial time in India. Also, I am very impressed with the foreword, that seemed clever and some of the discussions about the differences are worth reading. Overall, the book was nice but there are so many ways it can improve.

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