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The Spirit to Serve Book by Bill Marriott

Product Details 

  • Pages: 260
  • Genre: Self-Help Book
  • Publisher: Harpercollins Publisher (1997)
  • ISBN – 13: 978-1607968504

My Rating: 4.9/5

Goodreads Rating: 3.75/5 


“Doing the right things the right way is worth making a habit.”

‘The Spirit to Serve – Marriott’s Way’ is a book by the owner of Marriott Industries and is about the foundation on which the Empire exists and all the lessons learned by Bill Marriott on his journey in becoming world’s one of the best in the lodging industry.

The book starts with the foreword by Jim Collins, which is worth reading and ends with an afterword by ‘Kathi Ann Brown’, a co-author, followed by all the milestones achieved by Marriott till 1998. It is not the trumpet-blowing history of the company, but about the mistakes, the organization has made, the opportunities they perhaps should have taken and the importance of keeping true to your original purpose.

Every chapter of the book is well crafted. Bill Marriott tries to put each core value that helps an organization grow and sustain. Not only this, he even teaches us the value of teamwork; how being a hands-on manager can help you achieve new levels of experience and spot new ways of improving your business, and many more. Besides his professional life, we also get to know a little about his personal life, a lot about his father and his success and failures, and about the basic fundamentals of life too. The basic idea of all the lessons in the book, as the Bill Marriott says, is ‘to achieve balance in your life’.

At some points in the book, I felt like the author is bragging about Marriott and himself, but when I went through the actual events, I found them all genuine and a lot more than it has been mentioned. Marriott’s history is full of peaks and valleys; the empire’s prosperity is all because of those principles that Bill Marriott lays down in the book! And I hope the principles are carried on in the near future too, so that we all can enjoy the great services of Marriott!

To sum up, the book is inspiring and thought-provoking. Language is proper, Vocabulary is good and it’s an easy read. Anyone can read this book, and I believe everyone should because the book not only contains lessons for an organization but for every individual to live a life worth living.

“Being able to laugh at yourself once in a while is a good thing.”

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