This is an EXCUSE

***The post contains words that might hurt you and motivate you to do something. Read at your own risk. Thank you!***

Well Yes! I know you might be wondering why should you read my excuse or why the hell am I giving an excuse!! But that is what I want you to know! Not only me, even you, your friends, your parents, your partner and every body else around you are making excuses. Not just the excuse of being late or forgot your anniversary but also about the situation we are in because of ourselves. You say, you deserve to be treated well because you had a hard day. I agree, you have my full sympathy with you, but is it? Everybody else is having a hard day. Let’s take another example, you did that X thing because you having that mentality/ you had hard past/ you believe in Y. And then things didn’t go well; not according to you and you are complaining and complaining and complaining! Because that is what you can do! You can just fuckin complain or justify or make excuse! Because you don’t have the fuckin guts to face your truth and look at the bigger picture! The more you make excuses or justify yourself, the more you get into the loop of self-pity! And then all you look for is acceptance and sympathy of others. You can get the latter one but first is impossible. So, Seriously Reader! Get your shit together, face your truth and start a new journey with all that you have! I really don’t care if you do anything or not, but your future self will! Now I know what your brain says, ‘You don’t know if there’s a tomorrow’, but I wanna stop you right there because that is also an EXCUSE.

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