Where Will Man Take Us? by Atul Jalan | A Book Review

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  • Pages: 272
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Publishers: Penguin Portfolio; 1 edition (13 April 2019)
  • ISBN – 13:  978-0143446934

My Rating: 5/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.21/5

Cover: 5/5


‘They believe that the science of small has a big impact on life.’

When I started reading this book, I had my set of inhibitions associated with it, but the book surprised me in a good way. ‘Where Will Man Take Us?’ Is about big as well as tiniest things that contribute to what has driven us till now and what’s driving us now, whether its technology or our psychology. It accounts many big questions like, ‘Is it right to believe that we are alone in this universe?’, ‘Is data the next God?’, ‘Are you and I evolved Marios in someone’s game?’ and many more.

The books deals with a large set of topics, covering almost everything, from jobs to relationships, ethics to sex, money to electoral math, match-making to block chain. Author states that everything in our lives today is related to technology and hence, to data. He, to a great extent, proves his point and answers his own question, ‘Where will man take us?’

The title of the book is unique and pertinent. The cover is simple and alluring. The writing style is amazing, he uses humor well. Many a times, he said very deep meaningful and informative things in a very simple way that can make you wonder about his abilities. In one chapter, related to Astrology, he presented the discussion in the form of poetry that is really creative and amazing.

The pace of the book is gripping from the first page. For better understanding of things, references from various cultures, movies and TV series are used. Some mythological references are also there. The book only shows the positive aspect of technology.

A great deal of research has been conducted by author, as clearly depicts by the various quotes and information in the book. The book not only tells you about technology or our survival with it, but also about extraordinary people and their contribution to the world; out of all of them, Ray Kurzweil surprised me the most.

As the book proceeds to answer the question, it becomes more inclined towards philosophy. I learned a lot from this book, even topics which were hard to understand before like block-chain, quantum entanglement, how math with music and art is related. 

The book is thought-provoking, informative and a fascinating read. I am sure it will enlighten everyone who is a fan of non-fiction and wants to know where we are heading.

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