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  • Pages: 192
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (10 April 2019)
  • ISBN – 13: 9789387022577

My Rating: 4.3/5

Goodreads Rating: 3.83/5 

Cover: 5/5


“I received a copy of this book from the Author as a part of a Review Program.”

‘No transition is without pain.’

‘Who Stole My Job?’ is a thought-provoking story of mid-level manager, Satvik from a gigantic Indian company, whose professional life turned upside down when his company hires a new American CEO. He was hired to bring the digital transformation in the company and achieve great heights with it but unfortunately, he fails to align with company and its culture and in turn, tries to line up the company according to him which leads to multiple business disruptions and inner conflicts. Due to all these chaos, the company starts to fall apart and between all these, Satvik’s colleagues started to leave the company, making his survival more difficult there. He torn out between his love for his company, to which he has given 15 years of his life and his survival in it.

The book shows us the bigger picture by representing how poor management and cultural difference can be a barrier for a company which is looking for transformation and outlines how the need for transformation cannot be achieved at the cost of cultural change. It tears the whole organization apart. It also outlines the reason for which one needs to consider the adaptation of new technology and environment into one’s life and, learn and develop new skills with time.

The plot is simple yet engaging. The basic encounters one face in an IT job has been put forward amazingly. Characters have been developed properly as needed and possess strong personalities. Every scene is portrayed well. The setting is also simple and nicely written, no part of any scene was left undescribed.

Cover of the book clearly sketches the story and title is well suited and catchy. Language is good and understandable. Though there were some jargons as the book is related to technology. It depicts that the author uses his background well while writing the book.

The ultimate professional success is when you do what you love to do and eventually get paid for that. That is happiness in the true sense.

Narration is proper and the story is explained from the perspective of different people in the same organization. It is amazing to see how one story looks different from everyone’s perspective. The pace of the book is comfortable and a little slow at some parts. There are a couple of typographical errors.

Deep concerns of a common, as well as a high profile man, is neatly written. All the information in the book is backed up by real facts, some of them I have already heard of, one of it is Carl Benedict Frey and Michael A. Osborne’s paper ‘Future of Employment’. Proper use of real information at the correct place is really impressive.

Overall, it is a fantastic and informative read. It entertains a specific set of audience who are interested in realistic fiction, office politics, and everyone, who wants a simple yet exciting plot with an informative read. Being an engineer, I related to it a lot and loved it.

There are three poisons in this world; first one is salary and rest two do not matter.’

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