Who am I?

Anjali Chourasiya

I’m someone with Multitude Personality Disorder.

Here’s a snapshot:

Engineer? Sure. Fell for the stars, ended up with a degree in Electronics and Communication because space is cool and limitless, just like my interests.

Writer by Accident. Got bored in college, stumbled into content writing, and bam! Fell head over heels for it. SEO and content marketing are my jam.

Social Media Butterfly. I mixed reading with writing on Instagram; you guys loved it. Next thing I knew, I was on YouTube, sharing more of what I love.

Finance Guru & Energy Healer. From dissecting stocks to healing chakras, I’ve got you covered. I write about finance by day and align energies by night.

I love dabbling in everything and mastering some.

Jack of all trades, master of a few? That’s me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Professional Journey 😎

Hey there! I’m Anjali, and my journey from engineering to content writing has been quite the adventure. I started off in the world of engineering, but I found my true calling in creating content that resonates with people. Right now, I’m rocking it as a Content Marketer at Tickertape, where I get to write blogs that climb to the top of the charts, juggle various projects like newsletters, and dive deep into SEO magic. And that’s not all—I also spread my creative wings at BookXp, managing social media and turning ideas into engaging content. Here’s my timeline in brief:

  • Nov 2017 – Jan 2018: Kicked off my career with a bang as a Content Writing and Digital Marketing Intern at RRG Softwares in Indore. I dived into the world of SEO and helped create user manuals for software the company developed. It was my first taste of the digital marketing world, and I loved every bit of it!
  • Jan 2017 – Mar 2017: Not long after, I found myself at Kalakaari Studios in Indore, taking on another internship. This time, I focused on Content Writing and Social Media Marketing. Juggling content for multiple clients and managing social media was challenging but super rewarding.
  • June 2018 – Sept 2018: Stepped up my game at Kalakaari Studios, this time as a Digital Strategist and Content Writer. Wearing multiple hats for a client, I managed social media, strategized digital content, and even handled some project management. It was a whirlwind of learning and growing.
  • June 2021 – March 2022: Then, I moved to Bengaluru to join WebManufact as a Content Writer. Here, I honed my skills in creating SEO-focused blog content, social media posts, proposal documents, and more. Bengaluru’s vibe was just the right mix of challenging and inspiring.
  • April 2022 – Present: Currently, I’m making waves as a Content Marketer at smallcase in Bengaluru. Writing top-ranking blogs, managing various content verticals, and diving deeper into SEO strategies. It’s here that I’ve really stretched my creative muscles and taken my content game to new heights.
  • 2019 – Present: Parallel to my role at smallcase, I’ve been embracing my creative side as a Content Creator for BookXp. From tweets to YouTube uploads, I manage all aspects of social media content creation. It’s my creative playground where I get to experiment and engage with an amazing community.

Skills and Expertise 🤩

I’ve got a toolbox full of skills, from crafting killer social media posts to writing SEO-driven blogs that get noticed. I’m all about making words work wonders online, whether it’s through email marketing or making websites shine. And yes, I’ve got my hands on some cool tools like WordPress, Filmora, SEMRush, RankMath, Clarity, Google Analytics, Miro, and MailChimp, to name a few.

Work Philosophy 🚀

My approach to work? Dive in, get creative, and never stop learning. Whether I’m analyzing a stock or brainstorming content strategies, I’m all in. I love tackling challenges with a mix of curiosity and creativity, and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to grow and innovate.

Achievements and Highlights 🎯

I’ve been lucky to see my work make an impact, from blogs that hit the top of the search results to social media campaigns that truly engage. While I haven’t listed all my victories here, I take pride in each project that helps me grow and brings success to the team.

Personal Interests ✨

Outside the office, you’ll find me buried in books or sharing my latest reads on Instagram and YouTube. I’m an epistemophile at heart—totally obsessed with learning anything and everything. And when I’m not geeking out over books, I might be strategising my next move in chess, planning my next tour, hanging with my favourite humans or jamming to my favourite tunes.

Let’s Connect?

Wanna chat about a potential project, or just geek out over books and content creation? Hit me up! You can reach me via email or follow my adventures in content and beyond on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.