Disclaimer: BookXp reviews book honestly. We will not write a glowing review just because you have sent us the book. Though we never trash a book. We do mention things that are not up to the mark with the suggestions to improve them.

Nano Reviews are short video reviews for people who wants to know about the book in brief. These short videos length range from 50 seconds to 1:30 minute. These Videos focuses more on the content of the book.

Elaborated Written Review encounters every aspect (element) of the book which helps readers know about the book in detail.

Proofreading is the last stop of a manuscript and a crucial process that needs to be taken care of. We help you perfect your words by checking:

  • Inconsistencies in spelling and style
  • Inconsistencies in layout and typography
  • Confusing or awkward page or word breaks
  • Incorrect captioning or any illustrations and page numbers in the contents

There is no greater way to spread and save the art other than words. That’s why we help you deliver it perfectly. In Copy Editing, we will:

  • Check for and correct errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.
  • Check for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals and hyphenation.
  • Check for continuity errors and factually incorrect statements.
  • Check for inconsistency within the story. This includes character development, plot points and setting.   
  • Cover Reveal: Introduce your new book with us by launching cover on every platform.
  • Book Promotion: We will help you promote your new book through different ways.
  • Book Quotes
  • Special Video: In this we create a video longer than Nano Reviews, expressing the love and content of the book thoroughly.

You can contact us anyway convenient for you. You can e-mail us at or direct message on Instagram.

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