Illusionary World of a Backbencher | Book Review

‘Illusionary World of a Backbencher’ by Anubhav Choubey envelopes the story of a guy, Avinash who isn’t interested in Engineering Entrance Exam but still have to prepare for it. He […]

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The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1 by Vishwas Mudagal

Rating : 4.8/5..
The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1’ is the first book in the trilogy and perfectly sets the base for the upcoming sequel. Loaded with science – fiction and weaved with a mixture of…

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Ballad Of Love And Longing by Priya Shiva | A Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5
..Ballad of Love and Longing consists of a twisted fairy tale of a young girl, beautifully penned down in the form of series of poem. The emotions of love and..

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