Illusionary World of a Backbencher | Book Review

‘Illusionary World of a Backbencher’ by Anubhav Choubey envelopes the story of a guy, Avinash who isn’t interested in Engineering Entrance Exam but still have to prepare for it. He wants to become a writer and one day, he comes back from his class and sleeps for 10 hours and in his dreams, he visualise a thought that is going to give his life a new direction. So, the question is what is that thought and is that thought worth taking the risk?

The unique thing of the book is it’s language; it’s written in ‘Hinglish’ (Hindi+English) language.

The story throws the light on the life of many Indian students and especially those who visit to Kota for Entrance Exam Preperation.

The title of the book is perfect and the cover could be better. The title of chapters are okay. The theme of book revolves around living a life that one desire.

Somewhere the writing style of the author is descriptive and somewhere it’s opposite, but it wouldn’t matter as scenes are explained as their need and so are the characters.

Language is Hinglish and if you are comfortable with Bihari touch in dialogues then this is the one you should start with.

The author focuses on making it a humorous story; it was but the sad fact is it’s the reality of many students right now. Also, to describe the characters, author has used bollywood movie references and some of them I honestly didn’t get. This is somewhere to make it funny but this thing restrict the target audience of the book.

The true story of many students is described well and the author has been successfull in expressing the message with the words and making it a light read.

To sumup, once you get comfortable with Hinglish, you will stop only after finishing this book. It’s a light read with an important message. I recommend this book to people who want to start reading, want to read something new, want to become comfortable with Hinglish and to people who have atleast some idea of Bollywood movies (it’s needed to understand characters completely).

Thank you so much to the author for providing me the book, it was a nice experience and creating video for this book was a whole new experience. BookXp Family wishes you luck for this book and your future works.

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