Signboard at Dholavira (Book 1) by Nishith S. Parikh

Product Details – Pages: 200 Publishers: Story Mirror ISBN – 13:  978-9387269989 My Rating : 5/5 Cover: 5/5 MY REVIEW ‘Signboard at Dholavira’ is an action-packed thriller with a gripping plot. Two professors, […]

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The Singing Guru by Kamla K. Kapur | A Book Review

Rating: 4.9/5..
‘The Singing Guru’ is a captivating depiction – part history, part fiction – of beautiful stories told by none other than the companion of the Guru Nanak, Bhai..

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The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1 by Vishwas Mudagal

Rating : 4.8/5..
The Last Avatar – Age of Kalki 1’ is the first book in the trilogy and perfectly sets the base for the upcoming sequel. Loaded with science – fiction and weaved with a mixture of…

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Chronicles of Mortal Vishnu by Antar Atreya | A Book Review

Rating: 4/5.. ‘To fight the evil, the truth must rise.’

Based on this common theme, ‘Chronicles of Mortal Vishnu’ by Antar Atreya, left a mesmerizing mark on the…

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Aghori : A Biographical Novel| A Book Review

“We live in an outer world, but rather prompted from our own within. Involved in all the delusionary activities, the journey of a physical being is only from birth to death. But getting away from this cycle of birth and…

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