‘Krishna’s Sister’ by Priyanka Bhuyan

‘Krishna’s sister: Chronicles of Kuru Woman’ encounters the stories of the Mahabharata era from the perspective of Subhadra. The story starts with the pre-Mahabharata era where the life of unmarried Subhadra; her relations with her brothers, Balaram and Krishna, are explained. As the story progress, she got married to Arjun, and witnessed all the horrifying events that led to the biggest war and the war itself, and finally ruled the kingdom as a Queen after it.

The title is perfect, and the cover is beautiful. Language is easy and gripping. The point of view of Subhadra is well put; it was easy for me to connect. The book starts with a shloka and the map of India that displays all the kingdoms for easy understanding.

The book shows us the unknown yet important pages of Mahabharata. Before this book, honestly, I have never given much thought to Subhadra, but after reading this, I feel she deserves importance as much as other personalities.

I appreciate the efforts of the author in bringing forward the point of view of important personalities of Hindu Mythology, and I am looking forward to read more from this series.

Thanks @kitabikeedaofficial for this unique book, I loved it, and I recommend this book to everyone and especially to Mythology lovers.

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