‘The Veil of Shadows’ by Noor Bhullar

‘The Veil of Shadows’ is full of adventure, supernatural beings and mystery. It starts with the world class conman, Mathew, who just pulled off his biggest bluff, but little did he know his life turns around and he is surrounded by supernatural beings and now is a part of them. As the story proceeds, many mysteries and mysterious being show up and the story traced it’s way back to the 17th century. The ending is unpredictable.

The title is slightly relevant and the cover is intriguing. Writing style of the author is vivid and narration is in third person’s point of view. Every scene is clearly explained and with a little finesse in editing, it will be one of the best in it’s category; it has typographical errors and needs a little bit of structure formatting too.

The story is gripping and fast paced. The book will hook you up from the first page and the cliffhanger can seriously leave you longing for the next part (that is what I am facing). The book is a quick read with lots of twist and turns.

I rarely read fantasy and I loved this book. Thank you @reynold_wolfe for this gift. I enjoyed it and loved it and I recommend this book to all the fantasy and thriller lovers.

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