The Elephant At The Dinner Table by Amit Nagpal

The Elephant At The Dinner Table by Amit Nagpal is full of real-life anecdotes and experiences in the form of stories. It is a well-researched pragmatic book with many vital concepts about leadership and management but with a personal, relatable aspect.
🫰 The author has shared an analysis of over 300 interviews with leaders worldwide through the 33 short stories. As a result, the narrative is lucid while creating a substantial impact in the form of a takeaway.
🫶 The stories are simple and relatable. The visuals in the book are eye-catching, and the exercises are helpful for self-reflection. The book is beneficial for everyone.

IN A NUTSHELL: The Elephant at the Dinner Table can be your catalyst in conquering your fears and management of various personal and professional situations.
Recommend? Yes, if you like reading leadership and life lessons books.

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