Guest Post by Mukhpreet Khurana

About the Author :

Mukhpreet finds his meditation in poetry. He is a believer and practitioner of humanity and gratitude. He is a motivational speaker and is a budding entrepreneur alongside being a poet.

He is spiritual, is spontaneous in wit and in humour. He is a mentor for budding writers, is an extrovert and is a networking bee. He believes all positive is not negative for a reason and all negative is not positive for a reason, too.

Words from the Author :

These two poems are part of Poet Mukhpreet Khurana’s brand new book: Ease- a poetic journey within. It is an attempt to take a dive deep into the self, a place of acknowledgement, of appreciation and of a celebration our individuality is.

The book revolves around the theme “comfortable in my own skin” as it touches the softness and the power of self love, self healing, gratitude and greater good. Ease is a collection of raw, unfiltered and simple poems. Ease is a collection of poetry, art and of different writers in collaboration.

Blooming flowers
decorate the aisle
blooming flowers
rest on the grave, too
what worries and burdens
you carry around, my dear know that both, hell and heaven rest in you, too.

Old and young
We are all old enough for
the present and young enough for the future;
We are all stories in our own, every chapter, an adventure altogether.

An infinity beyond
You are an infinity beyond your comforting quilt, oppressing guilt and the walls around yourself
you have shamelessly built.

BookXp Family wishes author happiness and contentment! Keep creating such awesome art!

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