In Conversation with Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

First Question that pops in most of your mind must be Who is Mukhpreet? Let’s know about him first.

Mukhpreet was born and brought up in Hyderabad. He is an aspiring entrepreneur currently in Singapore for his Masters in IB. He is the author of two poetry/ self help books titled “Unlocked Silences”, 2018 and “EASE”, 2019. He is a mentor to budding writers and is a motivational speaker by passion. He loves writing hundreds of letters out to his readers every month. He spends a great deal of time connecting with nature, networking with peers and has an appetite for empathy. He believes in coexistence, in gratitude and in the eternal undying power of faith and of prayer.

I read his book ‘Ease’ and I loved it. You can read the review of the book here.

Let’s get into the conversation!

Has literature always been a part of you? Tell us the story!
I have been fond of reading since my schooling days. The likes of Ruskin Bond, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Bronte etc to the admirable R.K. Narayan, Tagore and many more, a part of me has always been inclined towards literature. Literature holds a very integral and quintessential place in my life. However, I have been a lot more inclined towards spiritual texts and scriptures since the past few years. it all goes with me wherever I go.

How your journey start? When and how did ‘Unlocked Silences’ come into play?
Well, my journey as a writer started with writing on T-Shirts, leafs, tissue papers at Starbucks or any other bistro I set foot in, to randomly scribbling on paper and typing out lines as they came to me, be it at work, while attending lectures, be it anytime, anywhere. I started writing in 2015, Unlocked Silences happened in 2018 followed by EASE in 2019. Writing has been a journey of self discovery, self reflection and of sheer delightful companionship with all of you as my readers, supporters and
critics, all alike.

You write poems on topics that inspire people to look deep within. Is there any reason you chose this particular style/genre or it just happened out of nowhere?
To me, writing is all about self reflection, about knowing who a person is and at the same time, knowing that everybody out there are different in their own way. Writing to me is a means to communicate the beauty that companionship and coexistence hold, the beauty that we as individuals are and as companions can be. The very idea of me writing on The Self is that there is more to us than we give ourselves credit for, there is more to us than what we think of ourselves as. It all starts from within, and that is where my writing finds its very root, foundation, nurturing and blooming.

What difficulties do you face at the time of publishing? And what would you advice to aspiring authors?
Personally, for me, the whole idea of “Am I ready to get published?” was all that hurdled around. Being a mentor to budding/aspiring writers, all I can say is trust your heart, have faith in your words, commit yourself completely to your writing and what it stands for, seek the required feedback from a mentor/ guide and at the same time, most importantly, write more through the darkest hours of writers blocks. Nothingness is the best motivation to sculpt out words you might never think you were capable of. It all starts with you. Faith is what it takes, willingness is what it needs.

Would you explore different genres in future?
I have been asked multiple times if I’d be willing to write a story, maybe something contemporary fiction, maybe something with romance, etc. However, as of now, I am staying glued to poetry/ verses as I have this undying itch to be more, to explore and experiment more with what more I have to offer with my words. I am, however, open to the idea that yes, I could experiment or see myself delve into other genres in the foreseeable future.

What do you do when you are not reading or writing?
I spend a great deal of my time running being organised and spontaneous at the same time. To start with, I pray. I spend time working, working out, connecting with nature, taking walks, maybe try a
new dish/cuisine, explore new music, catch up on some time with myself and people around. Networking is my weakness, I cannot function without connecting with people around, be it listening to them or sharing my insights with them.
I believe in being spontaneous and in the organised routine it puts me into and at the same time, keeps me on the edge to appreciate and be grateful for what I have and at the same time, discover something new.

“Ease” is loved by all; I can surely say it. When can we expect the next masterpiece?
I am eternally grateful to everyone for all the love they have showered upon me by loving and accepting EASE for what it is.
I have started working on my third book, already. I shall be sharing further details as I move along the timeline. All I can say is that my books are masterpieces with all due credit to every single one of you reading this very sentence, reading every single piece that I curate and share. You all are the
ones I owe it all to, you all are the ones I write for and you all will always be my audience, my reward and pillars of my eternal gratitude.

What is the one advice you give to all of us?
All I can say at the moment is that we are all individuals who exist to coexist. We are companions created by nature to serve our own purposes, some alone, some together. Let us pray, let us ask for forgiveness for all the wrongdoings of the past, let us be thankful for all that we have today and let
us hope for greater good in gratitude. Let us be more open to the idea of living, of making every breath, every mistake, every lesson and every celebration count.
I shall quote a line from my book:

“What a beautiful journey life has been, and all that is yet to be!”

Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

Add something from your side (if possible for BookXp too)
Anjali has always been great company. Her take on books, on aspects of daily life have always had my eye. Conversations with her are delightful and she makes it a point to acknowledge and address everything and everyone who cross paths with her. BookXp has been very insightful and straightforward with their review of EASE, as well.
I wish them all the love and light for their upcoming endeavours.

Mukhpreet runs a WhatsApp GRATITUDE broadcast wherein he shares specially curated pieces of poetry and positivity everyday, sometimes twice a day. Should you wish to join him on his journey of positivity and power, kindly reach out to him at:

Instagram: @mukhpreetkhurana
Facebook: Mukhpreet Singh Khurana
WhatsApp: +65 8220 7261

Fun fact: He replies to ‘each and every’ message personally and elaborately.

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