The Girl With Blue Eyes by Vaiibhav Nigam

  • Genre: Romance Fiction
  • Publications: Self-Published
  • Pages: 204

‘The Girl with Blue Eyes’ is about a guy, Armaan, who is a pervert but justifies himself with every possible reason. In college, he falls for a shy girl, Tanisha. She falls for him too. They are in a true committed relationship until Armaan finds ‘The Girl with Blue Eyes’. He truly loves Tanisha but can’t stop himself to fall for this new girl. But this new girl comes with lots of surprises and turns his life upside down. What will he do? Who would he choose?

The cover of the book is intriguing and the title is well-suited. Writing style is weak and the author keep switching between tenses abruptly. Narration is bad. The story is stretched without any reason and many things are repeating and a lot of things are there which are unnecessary.

The mystery is weak too as the author has focused his thoughts more on the erotica rather than the mystery. The book focuses more on the concept of ‘Females being treated as mere pleasure tools or puppets of men’ and kind of encourages the mentality of ‘the girl likes it when you stare’, which is disappointing.

There are many ways in which the book can be improved, especially the typographical and grammatical errors. But the concept is poor and needs more work. At first, I was excited to read this book because of the mysterious cover but ‘Appearances can be deceiving’.

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