Calm the F**k Down by Sarah Knight

  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publications: Notion Press
  • Pages: 170

‘Calm the F**k Down’ is one of the best books that I came across in 2019. It’s about finding a way and about calming, down, making decisions, taking actions and solving problems or at least not making them worse with freaking out and inaction.

The book not only tells you about anxiety, but also about sadness, ostrich mode i.e. refusing mode and stress and it gives you insights on how to differ between them.

The cover of the book is simple and classy. The title is well-suited and sarcastic in a way. Writing style of the author is different; it’s sarcastic and entertaining. So, it will not be heavy for you to learn and understand the concept and find a solution. Pace of the book is normal.

Each chapter is like a stepping stone; without reading and understanding one, you cannot move forward. But in each chapter, the author made it easy to grasp the concept, followed by it’s psychology and action plan and most of the times it was like a conversation is going on. There were some references though, which I didn’t get.

There are flow charts given in the book which are really helpful. Title given to each section is proper too. I loved the concept of the book and the author’s methods are amazing and inspired by her life and believe me, once you understand them they become easy to incorporate.

Thanks to publishers for this book, I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. It can actually make you pause and think about how you can make some legit changes in the way you respond to situations. If you read self-help book and loves to read sarcasm filled advises then this book is for you.
I really loved the ‘PHEW’ and applying it too. (Guys, read the book so we can talk about it)

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