The Anonymous by Nidhi Kukreja | A Book Review

Basic Details 

  • Genre: Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • Pages: 204
  • Publishers: Blue Rose Publishers
  • ISBN – 13: 978-9353471156

‘The Anonymous’ is a story of a girl, Natasha whose past life traumas are still haunting her. While she is trying to live a normal life, she got kidnapped and raped for eight months. After being rescued, she met a guy named, Siddharth, whose life revolves around drugs, alcohol and one-night stands and now he seems to have feelings for her. But when she returns home, she started receiving creepy, mysterious letters from ‘The Anonymous’. Does Siddharth have to do something with it? Or The Anonymous has its roots in her past?

The Story is gripping and is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The title suits well and the cover is okay. Character development is good. Narration is from both protagonists and antagonist’s point of view, which is impressive. The story seems to switch between different characters and explains their point of view for a particular scene.

The setting is normal and language is easy to understand. At some parts, the story is cliché and is stretching for unnecessary reasons. Also, the beginning can shook your heart; it’s terrifying and brutal, but don’t stop there, because its worth it. The book can be read in one-sitting as it is a great page-turner. It will hook you from first page.

Overall, it’s a small quick crime-thriller, which I enjoyed a little. I recommend it to all crime-thriller lovers and to beginners.

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