Circus Folks and Village Freaks by Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

Basic Details 

  • Genre: Poetry/Fiction
  • Pages: 156
  • Publishers:  Vishwakarma Publications
  • ISBN – 13:  978-9386455642

‘Circus Folks and Village Freaks’ is a collection of 18 poems about people born with physical or mental anomalies, people with special talents, how circus is a home for all and other deep meaningful sensitive topics. The author has done a great job of bringing the characters to reality and portrayed them in beautiful rhyming couplets.

The cover is beautiful and the title is well-suited;
With all the twisted tales, society has muted.
(You see what I tried there :D)

The title given to each poem is apt and the illustrations of them are perfectly suited. The way she has expressed every scene and every character along with the feelings is mind-blowing. The poems are enjoyable and gripping but at the same time, give you goosebumps and a mixed feeling. Every story is beautiful and throws light on sensitive topics of today’s world like gender inequality, threesome, unusual birth and people’s acceptance of it and of course, the behind scenes of a circus.

I’m impressed with her writing abilities and got great inspiration for writing narrative poems. Thanks to the author for this beautiful book. I enjoyed reading this book; there were few couplets that touched my heart and I can’t decide a single one among them. I recommend this book to all who love poetry and want to try something different in it.

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