Laulyam by Rozy S. Paul

It is a unique poetry book expressing one’s love towards the supreme power i.e. God. Twenty poems are there, all displays the love between God and their devotees.

Diary of a Twenty Something by Siya

‘Diary of a Twenty Something’ is a collection of a teenager’s musings in the form of 47 poems. The poems are about addiction, depression, being selfless, values and many more. They are meant to be for teenagers but

Sifar by Akash Rumade

‘𝐒𝐢𝐟𝐚𝐫’ is a collection of micro poems that people adore these days. It depicts various emotions from different walks of life.

Dreams don’t Die – Do They?

‘Dreams Don’t Die..Do They?’ is an enduring story of Rajan and Naina. The two individuals meet in college and fall in love, almost. But love isn’t easy; many tragedies hit their life and tear them apart. However, destiny has some other plans.